What We Do and What is CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Half-A-Peck Farm’s CSA is a partnership between our farm and a community of supporters that provides customers just like you with a direct connection to your food, to us (your farmers), and to the people we serve. We call it Veggies for Good.

When you become a Veggies For Good Partner, You become part of the Half-A-Peck Farm family. In addition to receiving your share of our fresh local food every two weeks, you will receive a weekly email, regular recipe suggestions, and access to an updated list of crops coming your way in each delivery.

We are committed to serving those who otherwise would not have access to good food. When you join the Veggies For Good Program, every two weeks part of your membership fees goes towards sponsoring the free membership of a family in need. These families will not be identified in any way, and their sponsored status is known only to us and the folks who recommended their participation in the program. With your help they will be receiving healthy, local food that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

This means that your purchase of local fresh vegetables and other food from Half-A-Peck Farm not only feeds you and yours, it also feeds others. Please consider joining with us in Feeding People and Nourishing Communities.

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Heritage Farming in Practice

Half-A-Peck Farm is more than a place. It’s also the embodiment of the idea that it is possible to take care of oneself and others by intentionally cultivating small spaces. In that spirit we not only raise vegetables used in our Veggies For Good Program; we also grow grain for our own use. We use time honored stewardship practices to help ensure the health of our community and environment.

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