Our pay-as-you-go (Community Supported Agriculture) CSA Program runs for 10 weeks each year, and members receive their veggies once every two weeks. This means that participants can plan on 5 deliveries that include bountiful portions of fresh, all-natural food each season.

Delivery of your SHARE is guaranteed to include at least 11-12 pounds of fresh produce. The exact items included will depend on what is in season. Examples include broccoli, cabbages and summer squash in July, joined by tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, egg plant and dill in August. We have several veggies growing at any one time. The possibilities for what members may get will make your mouth water and depend greatly on the weather.

The thing we’re proudest of at Half-A-Peck Farm is using our veggies to grow and nourish a community of like-minded individuals who reach out to help those in need.

Deliveries this year will take place* at MSU (in the parking lot for West Fee Hall–909 Wilson Road, East Lansing, MI 48824) on Thursdays at noon, and on the farm every Saturday from 9-10 am. We anticipate that deliveries will begin in the third or fourth week of July. Participation at each site is limited. So, be sure to indicate which site you prefer when you complete the paperwork that accompanies your payment of the Sign-Up Fee. 

*If there’s enough interest we may add a new site in the East Lansing Area. Contact us for details.

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When you become a Veggies For Good Partner, you become part of the Half-A-Peck Farm family. In addition to receiving your share of our fresh local food every two weeks, you will receive a weekly email, regular recipe suggestions, and access to an updated list of crops coming your way in each delivery.