Feeding People and Nourishing Communities

CSA –  Community Supported Agriculture.  A lifetime of growing Safe, Locally Farmed All-Natural Fresh Vegetables available for pick up at a location near you.


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What We Do

We’re proud to hand-grow vegetables that are affordable, seasonal, fresh and flavorful.

Our convenient customer pick-up service brings shares to a location near you.

Proceeds go towards sponsoring the free membership of a family in need.

About Us

Veggiesforgood.org is the web-presence of Half-A-Peck Farm; which is located on nearly 5 acres just east of Dansville in Ingham County, Michigan. We utilize heritage farming practices to produce everything from fruit and vegetables to grain and livestock.

We are a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farm. This means that your share of vegetables not only feeds you and yours, but also feeds others in need.

Locally Farmed

We aim to demonstrate responsible farming practices and show others that it doesn’t take a lot to make a difference. Whether you want to feed yourself or your community, a little can go a long way and EVERYONE can do it.

Examples of Fresh Produce Available Include: Cabbages and summer squash in July, joined by tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, peppers and dill in August. We have these veggies and many more growing at any one time. 

Help Those in Need

The thing we’re proudest of at Half-A-Peck Farm is using our veggies to grow and nourish a community of like-minded individuals who reach out to help those in need.

When you join the Veggies For Good Program, every two weeks a portion of your membership fees goes towards sponsoring the free membership of a family in need. You can feel good about your choice of Veggies for Good, knowing that your purchase means someone else will be receiving healthy, local food that would otherwise be unavailable to them.   LEARN MORE

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Why You’ll Love Us

We’ve got lots to crow about! Our practices mean working with nature. We’re committed to excellence you can taste and growing methods you can trust.

Delicious – Ethical – Sustainable
Seasonal – Convenient 

“Excellent Service”

Their service is wonderful! I really hope many new customers try it. They’ll never go back.

Mary Anne

“Love the quality”

The veggies and eggs are SO flavorful–way better than the grocery store! Knowing where the food I feed my family comes from gives me peace-of-mind.


“Eggs with my veggies”

Dark orange yolks, with a rich delicious flavor – these are what eggs are supposed to taste like.


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